I hope this letter finds you well. We have compiled some ideas for you and your child to help get though these days at home. We will miss you. 
 Below is a list of suggestions to use with your preschooler during the School closing.  

*Read to your child throughout the day- 
  *ask your child to predict the story
  * discuss the book as you read allowing your child to use deductive reasoning 
 ask why and how questions to encourage their reasoning process
  *ask your child to recall details of the story (character names, setting of the story, problem in the story , resolving solutions in the end of the story)
Sing Songs- this is a great way to get your child engaged and help foster memory, articulation and word retrieval
Play Word Games- To help expand vocabulary give your child clues to a word and allow them to find the word on their memory bank. (for example I'm thinking of a word.........) Challenge them by using both nouns and verbs. 
Sort and Classify- Have your child sort and build by color size, shape etc.)
Cooking -There are many concepts to learn while cooking together (measurement, following recipe, mixing, basic science) 
Fine Motor Skill
Practice cutting, tracing, printing and coloring 
Letter and Number Formation - 
Practice writing letters, numbers, shapes and words

Online Resources
This is a very useful website that allows you to create individualizing printing practice pages. You can customize size also. Use for name practice, letters, numbers and site words if applicable (please remind your child to start printing form each letter from the top)
Read Aloud- Parents can search specific books
on this site -
This is a very hands-on creative site that has great ideas form home 
great ideas including games and free pintables 

The printable pages below are intended fo Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. O's Classes. They are from our curriculum and coincide with the letters  and numbers that your child would have been focusing on in class.