Our Approach
Our curriculum is a unique blend of play-based learning and multi-sensory instruction.
Research shows that a multi-sensory education is highly effective in the acquisition of new concepts.
This approach uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (touch and movement) activities designed to facilitate learning.
By engaging more than one sense during learning, this method successfully affects long-term memory and adoption of skills.
The best part about the multi-sensory approach is that it is fun and engaging for children. Along with the multi-sensory learning, we use creative centers that provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and play-based learning.
Students learn by doing, and we are committed to fostering their natural development by making learning fun!
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                                                              Supply List 2019-2020

                    Backpack labeled with student's name                               1 pack of twistable crayons
                   Smock labeled with student's name                                   1 box of jumbo crayons
                   Complete change of clothes in a Ziploc labeled              1 bottle of Elmers glue
                   2 container of baby wipes                                                    4 JUMBO glue sticks (purple)
                   1 box of tissues                                                                         1 pair preschool scissors
                   1 box of quart size zip lock bags

* Please bring supplies in on your child's first full day of school along with all medical forms and your second  tuition payment. Thank you!