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The Church in Brielle Preschool
Where Learning Comes To Life!
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                Our Mission
 Our program is designed to provide an optimal balance between a 40 -year old traditional preschool and an updated program to meet the needs of the 21st century child. We are committed to providing the best quality preschool education for your child in a nurturing and loving environment. We believe that children who begin the learning process in a nurtutring, trusting, and respectful environment develop self-confidence in their ability to learn, thereby better positioning them for success in school and throughout their lives. Our passionate educators are dedicated to the development of the whole child. We provide carefully planned activities that stimulate each child's unique social, emotional, physical and academic growth. Your child is a shining star at the Church in Brielle Preschool!

                      Our Approach

Our curriculum is a unique blend of play-based learning and multi-sensory instruction. Research shows that a multi-sensory education is highly effective in the acquisition of new concepts. This approach uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (touch and movement) activities designed to facilitate learning. By engaging more than one sense during learning, this method successfully affects long-term memory and adoption of skills. The best part about the multi-sensory approach is that it is fun and engaging for children. Along with the multi-sensory learning, we use creative centers that provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and play-based learning. Students learn by doing, and we are committed to fostering their natural development by making learning fun!
​School Hours
Drop off 8:30 -9:00
School day 9:00-11:30
Extended Day Enrichment -
 Lunch and Learn 11:30- 1:00

The Church in Brielle Preschool -           
 Tuition 2016-2017

2 Day Program
Tuition cost per year- $1,800.00 
Ten Payment plan- $180.00 per month 
first payment due May 1st, remaining payments due Sept 1st- - June 1st
Three Payment Plan-$600.00 due May 1st , Sept 1st and Feb 1st
3 Day Programs 
Tuition cost per year- $2,700.00
Ten Payment Plan - $270.00 per month 
First payment due May1st, remaining payments due 
Sept. 1st –June 1st 
Three Payment Plan- $900.00 due May 1st, Sept. 1st and Feb. 1st
5 Day Programs 
Tuition cost per year- $4,500.00
Ten Payment Plan- $450.00 per month
First payment due May 1st, remaining payments due Sept. 1st – June 1st 
Three Payment Plan- $1,500.00 due May 1st, Sept.1st and Feb 1st 

“Lunch and Learn” 11:30-1:00 $15 per session
  The Lunch and Learn Enrichment program is offered Monday through Friday.

  *A non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 is due at the time of enrollment for new students 
* A $50 non-refundable re-registration fee for returning students due at the time of enrollment 
*Please make checks payable to The Church in Brielle Preschool

The Church in Brielle Preschool 
  Classes Offered 2016-2017 

Beginners ( age 2  by April 1st)
*2 day program Tues/Thurs

Preschool ( age 3 by October 1st)

*3 day program Mon/Wed/Fri

Pre-k ( age 4 by October 1st) 

*5 day Program Mon –Fri 

Hours 8:30- 11:30 (rolling drop-off from 8:30 – 9:00)

Extended Day Enrichment (optional) 11:30-1:00 


 Sept. 7th Orientation 10-11 am (parents and students)
  Sept. 8thth Orientation for 2 ½ year old class 10-11am and first full day of school for 5 day students
Sept 9th first full day of school for M-W-Fstudents 
Oct. 5th Back to School Night (Parent’s Only) 
Oct. 10th School Closed – Columbus Day
Oct. 31st Halloween Parade 
Nov. 10th-11thSchool Closed - Teacher’s Convention
Nov 21st Thanksgiving Feast
Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving Recess- School Closed
Dec. 21st Holiday Show 
Dec 22nd-31st School Closed- Holiday Recess
Jan. 3rd School reopens
Jan 16th School Closed- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (in Service)
Feb. 13th-17th School Closed- Winter Recess
 March 20th school closed for students (Staff In -Service Day)
April 14th-21st School Closed Easter Recess
April 24th School reopens
May29th School Closed – Memorial Day
June 9th Closing Ceremony/ Last Day of School 

Lunch and Learn- Session 4- 
-            April 11th – June 8th 
Students participating in our lunch and learn program will be required to bring a packed lunch to school. At 11:30 students will enjoy lunch with friends. Please make sure your child’s lunch is peanut free. At noon students will participate in an activity ending at 1:00.  
 Monday- Steps to Stardom- Our Students will shine in this fun-filled course that explores performing arts and production. This program will encourage self- expression, silliness, and self-confidence. Students will have a blast while exploring their talents! 
Tuesday- Construction Corner– Our little builders will be planning, constructing and building their own structural masterpieces. Students will explore the art of construction and exercise abstract problem solving skills while having fun with mechanics!  
Wednesday  – Environmental Club  -Going Green & Growing Great Goodies! – Our lunch and learners will recycle, upcycle, tinker and plant while learning about ways to appreciate and cherish our earth. This course is designed help children develop a life-long appreciation of our natural world.
Thursday- Kickin’ Karate - Students will learn the fundamentals of karate with activities and lessons geared towards confidence, courtesy, respect and self-discipline. This is wonderful way to foster the mind body connection while having fun with movement!! 
–  Friday-Health and Fitness – Students will participate in a variety of sports and exercises designed to help develop gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance and agility. This high-energy class will keep our students on the move while fostering wellness and sportsmanship.